ICC is specialised in the development, construction and management of logistics centers in Spain. In each of the projects we lead, we give access to partners such as investment funds sharing part of the risk of each operation.

ICC is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with a long experience in the identification and management of real estate projects. We carry out projects developed with diligence, promoting projects of excellent constructive quality and high profitability. The professionals who are part of the team have a proven track record of more than 20 years in the sector.

We work closely with our clients, putting at their disposal a team of partners and advisors that includes engineers, architects, real estate consultants, financiers, lawyers, town planners, construction and design specialists.


High asset quality

Our strategy and approach consists of developing high-quality, innovative, sustainable solutions, in line with current market demands and increasingly tenant criteria. We are putting into play our more than 20 years of experience in the market, developing and managing blue chip logistics assets.


All projects are designed to meet the demanding requirements established by entities such as the US Green Building Council or BREEAM. In this way, independent bodies certify the quality of projects on environmental issues, energy efficiency, water saving, interior design and innovation through certifications, such as LEED.

The commitment of the partners is to promote ESG factors in their investments, which benefit both the funds and future tenants. In ICC, we are convinced that the environmental, social and corporate governance factors are fundamental to make sound investment decisions and that they benefit both our stakeholders – investors, employees, companies, customers, suppliers – as well as the business model of our firm.

Customer service

We are committed to stable business relationships with our customers, based on transparency and knowledge of the business, offering key locations for their activities that contribute positively to the growth of their business through the optimization of supply chains. The focus of each project is customised, always incorporating the client at the center of the process. One of our basic principles is to offer the best locations, with easy access and perfectly connected to the main transport routes.

At ICC we work with our clients throughout the whole process, advising them on the applicable urban regulations, both at the state, regional or local level. We assist in the technical definition of the building project and its facilities, as well as in the licensing and legalization of the asset. In short, ICC actively participates throughout the entire value chain.

Sustainability and innovation

Sustainability and innovation are part of our company’s DNA. The innovative design of our assets allows for lower operating and maintenance costs, as well as reduced energy consumption.

TThe environmental measures, reduce the impact on the environment and minimize the carbon footprint of our assets, reducing CO2 emissions throughout the building’s life cycle.

Flexible approach

Our approach is long term from the outset with the view that part of the assets remain within the portfolio for the long term. We have the capability and experience to directly manage and administer all our properties.

We provide, for our clients, optimal flexible solutions, with competitive rents and buildings managed and maintained at the highest level, with an exhaustive control expenses.